Friday, September 7, 2007

My Super Manly, Totally Hetero Post

J/K. you should know me better than that. Here were just a few things that I had or discovered I like, or am really excited about that I wanted to share but I couldn't find the right place. And I guess this can be a fitting welcome for Larry Craig into the fabulous life ( though he of course will change his mind 3 or 4 times before he decides to come along.
Here is a video that I had never seen before but it is from one of my favorite BBC shows Little Britain. In it Daffyd Thomas, "the only gay in the village", interviews Elton John; hilarity ensues. I'm glad Elton is such a good sport and not totally a primadonna. (and the subtitles actually help with the accents and the lingo)

This morning when I was in bed unable to really move I was watching All That Jazz on HBO and I don't know what exactly it is but I never really liked musicals until recently, maybe because it' "socially acceptable" and I kind of wanna take dance classes now but anyway the movie is really good and is kind of based on Bob Fosse's life, a Broadway choreographer who wasn't gay, surprisingly. This following dance number "Take Off With Us" is really really cool and incredibly steamy and sexy; if this dance was to be actually featured in a play I would totally go, though I think it might lose something if it was in a big theatre, the intimacy of the rehearsal room does it better, and all that jazz. Enough talking, more sinewy bodies-here it is

And finally for all you bois who are macho like Morrissey, or just worship the man and would do anything he asked ::raises hand:: here's some potentially amazing news. A Mamma Mia (fabulous) style musical (they're making a movie of Mamma Mia? where have I been?) is being conceived to feature the works of Moz. I think it is still in the early stages of work, and of course it could always fall apart (or, god forbid, be horrible) but I will continue to be excited. And anyway I'd rather find out for myself. I know it's gonna happen someday...

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