Thursday, September 13, 2007

The First Thing Today That's Made Me Smile

and the second best thing I've seen so far this morning, besides Anderson Cooper:

In case you hadn't been able to tell from my posts basically advocating the apocalypse I was not in the happiest mood this morning.I guess I woke up in the same shitty/melancholy mood I went to bed with. But then I saw this on Best Week Ever and it really made my day. I think it might be the British accents, which when they're not dignified are hilarious, the graphic potty humor or maybe the "Scott Tenorman Must Die"-type escalation but it is really funny and actually made me laugh out loud:

And yes illegally downloading music is bad (and if any of those links have expired but you're still interested in the song you can always shoot me an e-mail. I won't mind.)

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