Thursday, September 13, 2007

Being a "Big Sister"

I've become rather obsessed with Google Analytics recently and the keywords that people search that lead them oh so unexpectedly to my little mess on the internet. One of the searches was "i am a transsexual" and that kind of made me happy, that whoever it was is taking that first big step of admitting and acknowledging. So know I feel I have a bit of responsibility to actually have something useful and helpful on this site, just as the sites did when I was young and still researching. (and yeah this might be TMI but it is Thursday: that's what I do)

So I guess I'll play big sister. The first thing you'll learn is hormones are actually powerful and change you not just physically but emotionally you'll be all over the place as well.
Secondly, during my research of looking for a place to move to and work ( S.F. in about a month, though I kinda wanna volunteer in the Sudan) and searching for the best city to be transgendered a fact that I never considered that in the cities where they are more open and tolerant and have more experience they can recognize transsexuals more easily and you're more likely to be read,though they won't care, while I guess in smaller towns they'll just assume, as long as you pass pretty well, that you're of the sex you're presenting, because they won't have the same level of experience or knowledge.

And finally I've had this website for awhile from back when I was helping a transsexual acquaintance ( I really don't know if we're friends-it's very bizarre) push for more gender neutral bathrooms on campus. It's a resource called Safe2Pee and it is a user generated list of genderfree or single stall bathrooms across the country, with currently 934 bathrooms in 284 cities. This is useful because, as I have discovered that is always the most awkward and frustrating thing if you don't know the area or the openess of the people there and you have to visit the potty. As to be expected the greatest number of these bathrooms is in San Francisco that land of liberal milk and queer honey.
Ok that's all I have now and if you actually need real information there are tonnes of resources that will get you started. Happy hunting.

Now back to "regular" nonsense

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