Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Everyone Loves John Edwards

Did I have a designated day where I propagandize for John Edwards or do I just do it whenever? I'm not sure at all.
Anyway here are just some key endorsements/ pseudo-endorsements/ "I like him"s that John has recently gotten that prove he's better than everyone else.

  • Unions and Hard Workin' Americans Love John Edwards: In Pennsylvania this weekend John Edwards picked up huge endorsements from the United Steelworkers and the United Mine Workers of America ( to go along with his previous endorsements from the United Brotherhood and Joiners of America.. The hard working backbone of America, the "salt of the earth." I still believe in Labor and Unions and hopefully this will inspire Democrats to remember what long they have stood for and realize their values are the same and to vote for John. And hopefully these Unions can still strong arm and bring the members and their families and allies to the polls. Otherwise Jimmy Hoffa will have been buried in the meadowlands in vain, or whatever.
  • Hip Hop Moguls/Yoga Enthusiast Love John Edwards: Russell Simmons after (doing the purely polite and political thing of) backing off his assertion that Barack Obama is a mouse (he is) claimed that Democrats in general are all mice and bow down to their supporters, which is why he likes John Edwards because John is more honourable and honest in terms of his politicial contributers. Plus Russell believes, after doing yoga with the man, believes John to be the most electable candidate in either party. Damn straight.
  • Former Presidents/Nobel Peace Prize Winners Love John Edwards: Jimmy Carter, a man who was unjustly underappreciated because of history called the next President of the United States, John Edwards a "man he really admires." And I quote "I can say without equivocation that no one who is running for president has presented anywhere near as comprehensive and accurate a prediction of what our country ought to do in the field of environmental quality, in the field of health care for those who are not presently insured, for those who struggle with poverty." Carter went on to say that John Edwards is very appealing to rural candidates. And to my mind he is the only Democrat who can not only be competitive in the South but actually win it.
  • Iowa Loves John Edwards: Recent polls show John Edwards is leading or just behind Madam Clinton for the all important Iowa Caucus. And other polls show John Edwards beating every Republican contender with ease.
Get excited America. Change is coming.

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