Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Larry Craig Can't Make Up His Mind

It seems that the only thing Larry Craig is certain about is that he's not gay and has never been gay. Everything else seems to be open to later revision. First he pleads guilty, then tries to retract that plea then he announces he will resign from the Senate on the 30th of September only to express some doubt about that decision. Roll Call obtained a voice mail that Larry Craig left at a wrong number saying he's not sure about resigning but rather, and I'm paraphrasing here, since Senator Arlen Specter has expressed an opinion that Craig is being railroaded that he may "clarify" his statement that it is only his "intent" to resign. You can hear it here.
This probably won't work but we'll see. Seriously Larry, how have you been in public office for 3 decades and yet you can't make a decision, though I do admire you're willingness to fight and semantic haggling but....I think it's time for you to step off the stage. It'll be better for everyone. I will miss him though. he is easily my favorite gay senator from Idaho named Larry.

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