Friday, September 14, 2007

Free O.J.!

Damn, can't a man get a break? As I'm sure you've heard, since the media is taking a type of righteous glee in reporting the news, Orenthal Simpson has been questioned and is now considered a suspect in a Thursday night break-in at the Palace Station Hotel and Casino. Reportedly the break-in involved sports collectibles.
So what I'm assuming happened if he did it is that OJ had some of his buddies break into the place and steal back some of his memorabilia.[UPDATE: or maybe that's not how it happened. wow this is pretty brazen]
I don't see a problem with that, I mean it is his stuff (or was at some point.) But I'm not convinced; it seems too sloppy a job and Orenjal-Orenthal James is obviously a mastermind. I mean he did get away with murder and all. I wonder though if AC was involved.
There is no way he's getting a fair trial if he is actually arrested and indicted, most of America thinks he should already be in jail and would probably take any opportunity to put him there. Which also makes me think that this is another rush to judgment and the cops and DA are grasping at straws to tie together into a noose.
Seriously though OJ can't you just retire someplace quiet and not make a spectacle of yourself? I think it would be better for everyone.

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