Thursday, September 13, 2007

Your Stuck in my Head Song of the Day

I'm not sure exactly how I first heard about this band, but I remember our RA in Rome, Kate Martin told us she had seen them play a concert with the Killers and actually predicted the Killers would be big because they were very pretty. Anyway the artist is stellastarr* and any band that has three variations of star (stella[yay!], starr, *) in their name, as well as mandated lower case spelling. is obviously fabulous. But they're actually a really good band and today your stuck in my head song of the day is Sweet Troubled Soul ( I think we all fit into that category, besides you a-hole troubled souls)
Anyway here is the official video though I think I might like the live versions (that you will find under the related column youtube thing) more because the lead singer doesn't seem to be trying as ahrd. But there are dolls and it is still a video that took a lot of time (yay stop motion) and I still love the band (and of course their name) so here is stellastarr* with Sweet Troubled Soul

ok remind me that the first person who tells me
"I want to suffer in your arms
and when you're naked in the dark
i want to see your face
in the reflection of my bedroom stereo
we'll take it slow
sweet troubled soul"
I will marry. The race is on...

stellastarr*- Sweet Troubled Soul (mp3)

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