Friday, September 7, 2007

Linkapalooza- Healthy Sciency Type Stuff

If I'm going to make health/science news a weekly feature I really need to think of a name, hopefully nothing that screams of a local tv news segment like In Good Health, or For Your Health. Anyway can't stop the flow.

  • I think this totally shows where my mind is when I saw a headline, about the release of new finding, "A Kiss is Still A Kiss, or Is It?" I immediately thought of the twisted tale in the Dresden Dolls' Missed Me instead of Dooley Wilson's As Time Goes By. The study itself shows that kissing can make or break a relationship and that guys kiss as a means to an end (sex) whereas girls do it to establish relationships. Guys are more likely to intiate french kissing (because of some biological thing) and that while girls wouldn't have sex without kissing, guys would gladly take sex without lips touching. Yeah guys are weird.
  • Whoever is in charge of such matters has allowed the creation of human animal embryos for research. I'm not sure I'm thinking of the same kind of hybrids but either way only good can come of this. Nope, no chance of this turning out badly.
  • I'm all about manipulating genes now that we can. Scientist have not only discovered a skinny gene ( I'll take 6) but also a tall gene. Do you know what this means? Soon the whole world will be populated by Supermodels ( and the third world) or maybe those alien type things from the end of A.I.
  • But we don't need gene therapy. You must put time and effort into looking good and living healthy. Thank god there's a 5 minute workout to help you "get fit lift mood and boost confidence". Perfect because 6 minutes is way too long for my attention span.
  • Or you can just try the Hoboken Beach Diet. Who knows, it could be the one that works for you. Becaue there are some of us who really need help. God I love the mid west.I don't know if I feel sorry for this kid, now that he's been spread over the internet, I mean it's kind of cruel to mock but wtf? He can't use his hands, y'know, like a person? Wow. There's no way this kid can live this down. I mean if he is still alive and not dead of a heart attack by junior year.

    And finally you know the old Guiness advertising campaign "Guiness is Good for You"? Well apparently they weren't lying. Researchers now say a Guiness a day can help prevent heart clots which can cause heart attacks. So drink away- it's good for you. ( I wish it were Harp; Guiness is way too heavy.

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