Thursday, November 8, 2007

Ephemeral Desires: Things that are too cool/trendy for me*

*but I still would like to see or experience

This may be a little cobbled together mostly because I haven't really been paying attention, or maybe nothing really interested me; I am notoriously difficult to please.

  • Um I'd enjoy if global warming would kick back into gear. I mean I'm freezing right now.
  • I need an Allison Storr.
  • I don't know what I want more- to have The Tales of Beedle the Bard or just to be close and good enough friends with J.K. Rowling to be considered for that gift. I was happy enough with Potter- I don't think I need to be absorbed into another world so connected to it.
  • I would love to go out drinking with the Princes and a rugby team. I feel"fun" things would inevitably happen, especially after a 25 hour bender (and yeah I know it's old news but I've been gone)
  • Speaking of "fun things" I'd kind of like to know how you have sex with a bike. I mean I can think of one way (handlebars are involved) but I'd like to maybe get inside the head of the guy who plead guilty to that "crime." Or maybe not. He's probably weird.
  • On the subject of bikes and weird things that I'd rather not have happen, I would really enjoy if my hero Lance Armstrong would stop being seen with not to mention making out with Ashley Olsen. I mean ewww. Eww. Ew. Though I was thinking about it and I now have a path in Degrees of Separation with Lance now; I went to high school with Katzenberg, he dated one of them (not sure which) and now Ashley's something with Lance. You see? Even flowers can grow out of poop.
  • But I really need to find my own make out buddy (I think I'm a make out whore) Maybe CrazyBlindDate, which "sets you up with a blind casual encounter according to your availability" could be the answer...I guess. Though it seems weird; at least in regular blind dates your friends kinda know your taste in depth (and plus you can punch them if it's horrbile. Punches always make you feel better.)
  • Apparently trannies are "the new hot model accessory." Does this mean we're little purse dogs now? I mean I know we have that "on the edge" cool cachet, but does this mean I have to look so flamboyant, so drag queeny in order to hang out with people I'd probably get bored with in a few days? I'm sure it would be a fun few days though.
  • There was a headliine that I really hope wil become a metaphor or a prophesy that "Obama's Plane Lost in Iowa" I'd really enjoy if he lost his way there. Like a lot. Though I must say if you can't hire a pilot to land at the right airport how can you command and lead our nation and our troops out of Iraq and this malaise.
  • Speaking of Barack (because I just thought of it) apparently he's irritated at the rumour that "he's a muslim plant trying to take over America." but I'd like for him to actually deny it, which I don't believe he's ever done. (p.s. I feel I wrote about that photo and I stand by whatever I said though I don't remember what that was.)
  • The writer of the british Queer as Folk is at work on a drama that is "going to be about fortysomething gay men and how jealous they are of gay teenagers…" I mean that could be really interesting, not only just about aging and all the angst that must bring, or the maybe middle age longing for kids and how they express it but also about possible jealous over the growing tolerance that older people did not possibly receive when they were young and growing up and psychologically like that. But...I don't wanna see a show about old people.
  • And finally I really want to end my damn Scrabulous losing streak. It's the only thing I do on Facebook now and I'm a little obsessed with it. I just wish I were better.

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