Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Great, I've Found a New Fear

All today basically every site I've been to has posted about the Canadian Kitchen Safety PSA. I didn't watch it, because let's be honest that is like the least sexiest tease ever; kitchen safety? in canadia?
But then I watched it in a moment of boredom and let's just say Jesus, I now believe in the importance of kitchen safety

I really thought she would cut off a finger or something but it was so much worse and unexpected.That last shot of her face was way way unnecessary- she looked like old Anakin or one of the adherents of The Divine Bomb in Beneath the Planet of The Apes. And her scream was so terrifying and piercing.

People I can't implore you if you spill grease in a high traffic zone, take the time to clean it up. I'm still a little shaken.
I feel like this is going to be the most talked about psa since that brain on drugs one.

But seriously, cooking from now on is going to take a lot longer, as I mop and dry the floor like every 5 minutes.

Here's the website
because there are no accidents [obviously] Just a warning though, this "cheery" flash animation is quite disturbing. Why are Canadians so scary?
(found on Deadspin originally)

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