Thursday, November 8, 2007

Speechifying About Network

once again these are more movie scenes but within the following are some amazing speeches and amazing dialogue. As I may have mentioned in th past couple of weeks I've gotten really obsessed with Network. I think it may be one of the all time greatest movies and, to me, is really the most prescient one ever made. This movie was released in 1976 but everything it demonstrates, the power and pervasiveness of television, the anger in the world, the blood as entertainment and dehumanization, the worries of modern society.
Anyway I can't believe this movie didn't win Best Picture and I really feel that if there were to be an Oscar Redo Ceremony, Network would be rightly rewarded. And I was thinking about it in the wake of the threat of, and the actuality of the WGA strike because this movie really is perfectly written and demonstrates how important and what an art it really is, and that these writers should be compensated fairly. I mean the script is perfect, Paddy Chafesky was a genius if for nothing else then this (and now I'm just rambling on with no point)
I can't attempt to articulate what I mean or say it any better so I'l let it speak for itself. So these are some of the best scenes that relate to the horror and the beast that is television (and I was really thinking about posting every scene but...) Also I'd like to thank Divisive Offering, you awesome youtube user you, for posting them all.

"I just ran out of bullshit"

"Because you're on television, dummy"

"Get Mad!" (the most famous scene)

"The Howard Beale Show"

"The Natural Order of Things Today"

"The Common Rubble of Banality"


continues relentlessly on.

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