Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Damn Fine Idea

I wish I had thought of it first. Oh well.
Tim over at Tim's Take, in honor of sweeps week, created a post in" an attempt to spike [his] web traffic." And so in an attempt to boost my traffic here's (a blatant instance of mooching) a list of keywords associated with his post

  • cute kittens video
  • jessica alba beach photo
  • hot girls bikini
  • baby sleepy picture
  • pandas
  • (baby pandas)
  • train wreck youtube (we are a nation of homer simpsons. when buildings collapses.)
  • happy baby picture
  • building implosion videotape
  • jenn sterger fsu cowgirls
  • shark attack
Just for kicks: caca spaniel, golden reliever (you should really be watching How I Met Your Mother)

and from my own personal experience : ben's brother stuttering, dentyne ice commercial, kid nation taylor (and for old times sake- megan richter missing raped)

Ah i can feel people coming and then leaving immediately because of disappointment, already. Awesome.

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