Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Material Lust: Things that are too cool/trendy for me*

* but of course I still want.
I'm lazy and tired so this may be in even more boring of list form than normal.

  • The things I require for this site- and Miro 1.o both seem like really cool and soon to be indispensable video search engines that will allow me to provide you with 45% of the random content on this site.
  • Apparently arm warmers are a new big thing and I have to say I already have a pair and I don't know if they look dorky or stylish but, especially now I've grown quite attached to them. I'm wearing them right now and it's not even that cold in here. My forearms really feel bare without them.
  • No I don't need a Soundbug by FeONIC allows you to listen to music without speakers or headphones. It attaches to any hard, smooth surface such as tables or windows and uses these surfaces to amplify the music" but it might just enhance the quality of life and isn't that important as well. I think it would fit well with my Sound Asleep Pillow, a pillow with a speaker buried inside and music only audible to the napper.
  • I've only rarely been accused of not being lazy and so while I don't know exactly or how well "press on makeup" would look or work I think I could give it a try and would save me a lot of screwing up when I decide to get ready after a few glasses.
  • There's a book out called "Why Mommy is a Democrat" and it is one of the few reasons I would want a kid right now. So I could begin the indoctrination immediately ( though I'd fear that he or she would rebel and become a evangelical Republican.)
  • Wine in a Pant Can (from Paradocx) + a Helium Balloon Light + the Hercules 400 laser pointer " powerful enough to melt through plastic, light fireworks, pop balloons and be seen from miles away splitting the night sky"= either a horrible accident waiting to happen or an amazing way to pass the time
  • Speaking of things that seem like amazing ways to pass the time that can lead to horrible accidents, we have the Huski that "utilizes a pen-sized plastic cooling cell that is placed in a dock. The dock is filled with pressurized liquid CO2, which expands to create dry ice in the cooling cell. The cell is then dropped into a beer bottle and, voila, you have yourself a frosty beverage" which I don't think would be a great thing for chugging. And the Twist n Shot shot glasses that seems perfect for jello shots- my friend Mara would love this.
  • I have an irrational fear of robots and of their eventual takeover of the world but this RoboPanda I mean is sooo adorable I can't wait to give it a hug and probably wouldn't notice or care as it shackles me. I mean, panda!
  • Ok let's do fashion (and no matter how much Project Runway I watch I still feel like a horrible amateur/poseur
and finally my friend Brandi is in a movie, Mandie and the Secret Tunnel. She's the "other"black girl that that the cat hisses out (Liza). Which means you should see it.

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