Tuesday, November 27, 2007

America Belongs To Us

from John Edwards for President:

In New Hampshire, Iowa, and New York City, Edwards will lay out his bold vision to restore the American Dream for hardworking families

Chapel Hill, North Carolina – This week, Senator John Edwards kicks off "America Belongs to Us" week, highlighting why he is the one candidate the American people can trust to stand up to the big corporations who have used their money and lobbyists to rig the system in Washington for their own benefit at the expense of hardworking American families.

During the week, Edwards will lay out detailed policy proposals to address some of the issues most important to hardworking Americans trying to build a better life for their families, including controlling the rising cost of home heating oil, making sure people get the health insurance coverage they paid for, ensuring access to safe and affordable prescription drugs and protecting our children from unsafe toys.

"Twenty generations before us have ensured they left a better life for their children, but there's a very real risk that we could be the first generation to fail to do the same," said Edwards. "Making sure we do not fail is the great moral test of our generation. And it's not going to be easy."

Edwards continued: "I am certain we can do it. But it's up to you to choose what we need to do it – all I can do is tell you what I will do. I will not play by the Washington establishment's rules, because I believe they have twisted the rules beyond recognition and rigged the system to benefit the few at the expense of the many. I will not compromise with the people who are powerful in Washington – big oil, big insurance companies and big pharmaceutical companies – because I do not believe they will ever compromise their profits or their power.

"I will tell you the truth, the hard truth, the whole truth. I will fight for you like I have fought for people like you my entire life. And together, we are going to win."

Over the course of the week, Edwards will travel to New Hampshire, Iowa and New York City, focusing each day on his plans to make life better for hardworking American families. On Sunday in New Hampshire, Edwards announced his plan to take on big oil companies to fight rising home heating costs. Today in New Hampshire, Edwards will deliver remarks on how he will stand up for the underinsured – people who have coverage but find that it doesn't help them when they really need it – against health care companies who are trying to block reforms. On Tuesday, Edwards will be in New York City where he'll talk about how his economic policies benefit the regular folks on Main Street, rather than the bottom line on Wall Street. Wednesday in New York, Edwards will focus on how he'll fight to protect our children from unsafe toys. And Thursday in Iowa, Edwards will talk about how he'll fight powerful drug companies to ensure that imported drugs are safe and that regular Americans can afford the medications they need.

Finally, on Friday at the DNC fall meeting, Edwards will deliver remarks about how the challenges our party and our nation face demand a new leader who will fight irresponsible corporations and their corrupt insiders so we can restore the promise of the America Dream for all.

Here is John's ad about where he was "Born," in Seneca, South Carolina

"John Edwards' new Iowa ad, "Mess," focuses on his belief that ensuring our children have a better life is the great moral test of our generation."

37 million American live in Poverty. Here are 37 Reasons why Poverty affects us all, even now, only 37 days till New Hampshire

Vote John Edwards- He is Our only Hope.

[RELATED: And as Jesse Jackson says "Yet the Democratic candidates -- with the exception of John Edwards, who opened his campaign in New Orleans' Ninth Ward and has made addressing poverty central to his campaign -- have virtually ignored the plight of African Americans in this country."]

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