Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Overheard in L.M.E.- The Magical World of LME

a conversation from the late evening of June 3rd

ev livid e : ev’s world is a magical one
Auto response from a dam e: ev livid e : in ev’s world though, jacqui=tragic kingdom gwen stefani
ev livid e : not the slutty hollaback bananas gwen stefani

Auto response from ev livid e: feeling icky

a dam e : but sadly lacking in unicorns
ev livid e : untrue!
a dam e : or as i call them mutilated goats
ev livid e : somewhere is the world of lisa frank hidden inside ev’s world
ev livid e : so there are magical, fluorescent colored unicorns and dolphins and puppies and kitties
a dam e : eww
a dam e : thats sorta weird
ev livid e : you asked for it
ev livid e : i've had an eventful few days ps.
ev livid e : yesterday i fainted at a wedding
ev livid e : and today my stomach hurts and i ate no meat
a dam e : did you wanna eat meat
a dam e : or did the meat make you sick
ev livid e : i think that besides being allergic to graduation, my body rejects the idea of marriage
a dam e : hhaah
ev livid e : i think the tummy ache is the result of yesterday
a dam e : open bar?
ev livid e : or me accidentally consuming raw eggs
ev livid e : nope
a dam e : boo
ev livid e : standing outside listening about jesus for an hour
ev livid e : thats what did it
a dam e : don't go to weddings that don't have open bars
ev livid e : and i don't care if people think that the holy spirit was there. it made me blind, deaf and unconscious, and i don't want any part of that
a dam e : its my one rule in life
a dam e : ha
ev livid e : both used to be hard core drug users, and now they're both sober/clean and hard core christians
a dam e : do you know them?
ev livid e : the bride, works with me at [REDACTED]. she is very very sweet and awesome
ev livid e : i would say more negative things about religion, but right now i need god to make my tummy feel better
a dam e : haha
a dam e : thats called using
ev livid e : someone's gotta be an asshole, might as well be me
a dam e : hahahaa
a dam e : you vs. god
a dam e : i don't know who to put my money on
ev livid e : i'm more sassy
ev livid e : sass or old?
ev livid e : your call
a dam e : how about someone with old sass
a dam e : like they've been practicing it for awhile
ev livid e : crusty sass
ev livid e : you forget that i am quite timeless myself
a dam e : no i never forgot that
ev livid e : then you should keep in mind that i can practice new and old sass
ev livid e : i am versatile!
ev livid e : ps is it bad that i like the red sox more than the yankees, even though i like the city of new york more than boston?
ev livid e : i can't quite seem to avoid identity crises
ev livid e : i figured out duke over unc. now this!
a dam e : well its not bad at all
a dam e : all yankees and yankee fans are assholes
a dam e : and evil
ev livid e : maybe i will cheer for mets
ev livid e : mets rhymes with pets too, and i like those
a dam e : and david wright, their third baseman, is gorgeous
ev livid e : never seen him before. who does he look like
a dam e : google
ev livid e : eww
a dam e : no likey?
a dam e : you're strange
ev livid e : oh wait,
ev livid e : wrong picture
ev livid e : i do like
ev livid e : he's no enrique though
a dam e : enrique who?
ev livid e : iglesias!
ev livid e : ping pong song
ev livid e : come on!
a dam e : are you watching the game?
a dam e : is that what started this
ev livid e : i was, then i got tired, and decided to sit in bed
ev livid e : i felt like boston was going to lose
ev livid e : do you think boston can do it? if they do another 5th inning, that would be great
a dam e its the bottom of the 9th all the need is 2 runs and they have their best 3 players up this inning
ev livid e the tv is downstairs, im in my bed, all warm in the dark
a dam e : you're the worst red sox fan ever
ev livid e : i never said was a fan, i just prefer them to the yankees
ev livid e : im not a huge baseball fan too slow
ev livid e : i'd rather be at the game with an angus dog and frozen lemonade
a dam e : you mean a picante dog at dodger stadium
ev livid e : i don't like spicy
a dam e: you love it
ev livid e : ick
ev livid e : is there cheese on it? like nacho cheese?
a dam e : no, unless you put it on at the concession stand
ev livid e : wait, let's not have a food conversation, i really am not feeling hungry/well
a dam e : neither am i
ev livid e : are you a yankees/mets fan
a dam e : my stomach hurts
a dam e : hell to the no
ev livid e : i think you got what i have
a dam e : maybe
a dam e : damn you!
ev livid e : the internet is getting more personal
ev livid e : yikes
a dam e : what do you mean?
ev livid e : more than just information can be transmitted
a dam e : yeah
a dam e : thats why i don't go to porn sites
a dam e : for fear of picking up a vd
ev livid e : ewwww!
ev livid e : that shouldn't be your only fear
a dam e : ha
ev livid e : its gross, unethical, uncultured, improper and downright dirty!
a dam e : such harsh words to call your sister
a dam e : owned!
ev livid e : no, it was not! un-owned!
a dam e : okay sweets i think im going to make some tea, to settle my tumm
ev livid e : don't drink too much or you'll have to pee all night
a dam e : i'll invest in a bedpan
Auto response from ev livid e: feeling icky

ev livid e : yuck!!!!
a dam e : nights
a dam e : feel better
a dam e : sucker god into making it happen, if need be
ev livid e : i won't have to sucker god. god will help me out because he/she knows that its best for them
Auto response from a dam e : ev livid e : my mom loves me
ev livid e : DAGGER

ev livid e : and yes, word to your away message!
a dam e : ok i'm out and i'm going to put up a new away message for like a minute before i feel bad about going to hell
ev livid e : aha ok.
Auto response from a dam e : the worst thing i've heard all day:
I’m Out Like Michael J. Fox Playing Jenga

ev livid e : oh my god, that is so terrible!!!!!
ev livid e : shame on you!!!
ev livid e : shame shame shame!!
a dam e : its not from me originally
ev livid e : well, at least you didn't say muhammad ali
Auto response from a dam e : i don't like lasts :-(

i do love ev :-)
ev livid e : i know. i can even make women love me
ev livid e : i'm awesome

ev livid e : or janet reno
a dam e : see i'm a good person
ev livid e : hmm.
Auto response from a dam e : ev livid e : i love being lme

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