Monday, November 26, 2007

Bye Coach Roof

Right now Duke is holding a press conference to announce that Ted Roof has been fired. And though I know it has to happen and it should happen I'm kind of two minds about it. I wanted him to maybe have 5 years so he could have all of his players that he recruited together and maybe see what came of that but...we have won 1 game in two years but...against Carolina it wasn't his fault that our kickers are horrible (I miss Matt Brooks-Clemson Slayer) though I guess I can fault him for Surgan( shudder). And though football has been horrible and disappoiting I think that the fact that we were actually disappointed means that we had some expectation or a new hope and not just numbness and indifference.

He seemed like a nice enough guy, though maybe not the "savior" type that we all hoped and I will always think of him fondly for two of my favorite sports memories ever- when we beat Georgia Tech on 2003 and tore down the goal post (where I almost had my finger crushed between the base and the fallen upright) and then when we beat Carolina that same year at Carolina to win the Victory bell. I mean at that point we really thought he was the future- some friends and I were only half joking when we were thinking about setting up a football answer to K-Ville, tenting for football at the "Ted Roof Inn." Even over the past few years we still held out hope (sophomore year my friends and I were so cocky we didn't rush the field when we beat Clemson, anticipating more and more important wins); even K sucked his first few years...

So I wish him luck (just not overwhelming Pete Carroll success, we all know what happened after this) and now must look to the future and a new coach to throw blind faith towards. I kinda want Jim Leavitt just because he actually brought a program from absolutely nothing to where it is, or someone who would run a more pass oriented offense ("The" Thaddeus Lewis is still god, or at least the Messiah.), but I read about Rod Broadway, a former Duke assistant under Spurrier and I think that he would be an amazing hire.

I mean we could easily lure him away from Grambling...couldn't we?

No matter who we hire we're definitely going to a bowl game next year, I have no doubts.

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