Friday, November 16, 2007

Things I Thought

i kind of wished I had written this out last night when I was more groggy and delusional because now in the light of day they just seem kind of strange.

  • "I think I'm racist- all asians look the same to me"
  • "I make a very bizarre looking boy."
  • "God I hope I never get a Blackberry. I do not want to be one of 'those' people"
  • "I still think the coolest name ever is Chase Perfect. It's not only a name, it's a way of life and plus he's actually 'Mr. Perfect,' which is awesome. Too bad he was one of those guys, one of those fratastic arrogant athlete types. But I still do love that name. I understand where the last names like 'Miller' or 'Johnson'(john's son) come from but what did his ancestors have to do to get labeled perfect? I'm intrigued"
  • "My hatred of Barack is irrational but intense. I'm not voting for him under any circumstance. That includes against Hitler. I mean at least Hitler lead his party before the Reichstag fire and organized germany and wasn't an unpatriotic muslim plant."
  • " Y'know what I miss? Overt wars of conquest. I mean back in the day people used to do it all the time but England hasn't been invaded for almost a thousand years. Now everyone just kind of cloaks their motives behind ideology, even Saddam when invading Kuwait said he was 'reclaiming it.' If we were just to say we want war with Iran so we can take it over I'd be more accepting. That way everyone can gang up against us if they want and it'll be fairer. Honesty is very important to me.
  • "Tyler Hansbrough looks a lot better with a face mask. Where's G-Love when you need him?"
  • "Where am I?" numerous times in numerous places
  • "Sinbad's still alive?!"
  • "There sure are a lot of asians around here"- upon passing through Chinatown.
  • "I heart duty free shopping. I didn't even know there were Johnnie Walker Green or Gold"
  • "Why is the bread so thick on this sandwich? I can't fit my mouth around it."
  • " Current TV is awesome. Each documentary lasts like 5 minutes which is perfect for my attention span. Too bad I can only watch it while flying on Virgin."
  • "Grandmothers against PETA-awesome. I want a monkey"
  • "I want a baby. A little asian baby. I think they're so cute because they remind me of baby pandas when they smile. Soo cute."
  • White kids between the age of like 6-11 are all really very creepy and evil.
  • "A-Rod re-signed with the Yankees? Damn damn, I really wanted him on the Dodgers. Oh well, this way I can still super hate him and this means the Yankees won't win a World Series for ten years"

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