Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Midnight Movie Transmission

I had originally planned on doing this post on Sunday night but then I stumbled upon Zeitgeist and that rocked my world and I decided that this way would actually be better that this way over the long weekend I could leave you with something amazing and tragic but uplifting and hopeful. I first heard of Randy Pausch through this article in the New York Times and I was immediately intrigued. He's a 47 year old professor who has been diagnosed with being in the last stages of terminal pancreatic cancer and he still has such an amazing outlook and sense of humor and vitality, it really makes you stop and think about what you really have to complain about. He seems like such a one in a million person. You can read more about him from the article or through google, of course.

But what sparked his unexpected and great fame was a series at Carnegie Mellon where I believe select professors were to write and deliver what would be their "last lecture" only in this case, for Dr. Pausch it very well could have been.

One of his proteges and friends has maintained and archive of some of his other lectures at Dr. Pausch's personal website which includes his personal favorite, one on Time Management (that I could've used years ago but is still really helpful.) It is from ten years ago so some of it is talk about technology is horribly outdated but he does give really effective and practical advice that anyone can utilize. Here's "Time Management" given at UVA:

and here is the world famous "Last Lecture" of Dr. Pausch, it is so well worth your time ( and you know it has to be- I never agree with Oprah)

Have an amazing your life and love every moment of it, everyone. That's all we can do.

I'll see you monday.

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