Monday, November 19, 2007

The WGA Strike: Day 15 of...

from Mindy Kaling (Kelly from the Office) blog

Steve Carell put it best when he said: "Imagine if when the writers on the Bob Hope radio show were told by their employers: "Hey guys, we want to use your material, for free, for this crazy new medium, television, and we don't want to pay you for it, cuz the medium is too crazy and dicey and we're not sure it's going to pan out."...TEN YEARS AFTER EVERYONE IN AMERICA OWNED A TELEVISION.

Well both sides have agreed to start talking next Monday so keep your fingers crossed for that, though I doubt anything productive will come out of it. Any dialogue should be a positive step though and hopefully will prevent the strike from turning violent.

(and apparently this was written before the strike so no scabbing)
But i was thinking about it and i was just wondering is there a separate writer's union for like news telecasts? the 60 minutes and that kind of jazz?
And though I'm far from optimistic just because of the billions of dollars at stake,
hopefully everything can get resolved relatively soon or I fear we may become more welcoming to Kim Jong Il and his cinematic skills just for something too entertain us

I have to admit I kind of wanna see Pulgasari. But since it was filmed in North Korea, is the monster trampling on hovels and barren fields instead of a big city metropolis? Because that wouldn't be nearly as exciting...

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