Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The WGA Strike: Day 9 of...

here's a fun little slideshow about food given by the celebrities to the strikers.

"Voices of Uncertainty"
From United Hollywood :"A tribute to the heroes of the AMPTP, who continue to soldier on in the face of almost unimaginable financial confusion. "

I think the people I feel the worst for are the people who work for this shows that are going to get laid off.
Well those workers and our society as a whole because without scripted television the Chris Crocker reality show is even more of a reality and people may actually watch it out of boredom ( i implore you people read a book! there are thousands of buildings all over the country where you can borrow any book you want, for free! or if you're opposed to the written word sign up for netflix or something, please) To be honest I had forgotten how happy I was not thinking or hearing about him. Then for some reason I watched this. i immediately regretted that decision. If you want though...Y'know he really seems like a long time ago, like summer. Here's to old news and 14:57

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