Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Hubby Mix: II (Post 700!)

So in one of her rare trips into town Hubby sent me a request for some other songs I guess she's been missing, and me being in love with her in our way of course had to oblige.
Once again these are songs she wanted, a few of them I had never heard before or hadn't heard in years so it was a good little refresher. And hopefully it'll make a nice Christmas present for her ( U.S. to Burkina Faso mail takes like 3 weeks- pretty ridic.)

And so since this is my 700th post I decided to give you all a gift as well.
Anyway here is The Hubby Mix II
(the first 18 songs she specifically requested)
1.) Delta Goodrem- Born To Try

2.) Squeezed- Tempted

3.) Dispatch- The General

4.) Prince- Kiss

5.) Dusty Springfield- Son of a Preacher Man

6.) Billy Joel- Vienna

7.) Better Than Ezra- Desperately Wanting

8.) Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo`ole- Somewhere Over the Rainbow

9.) The Calling- We’re Forgiven

10.) Sly and the Family Stone- Que Sera, Sera

11.) Van Morrison- Crazy Love

12.) Van Morrison- Caravan

13.) Tori Amos- Father Figure [download]
14.) Bill Withers- Lean on Me [download]
15.) Philip Glass- Metamorphosis Two [download]
16.) Don Mclean- American Pie

Disc 2
17.)Sinead O'Connor- Nothing Compares 2 U

18.) Rihanna- Umbrella

(and since I didn’t want to waste a disc justfor two songs here were some songs I put on that I thought she might like or that related to the above songs. i'll keep any other meanings, as obvious as they are, unsaid.)
C.S.S- Music is My Hot Hot Sex

Doris Day-Que Sera, Sera

Philp Glass- “Heroes”

Mandy Moore- Umbrella
Dishwalla- Counting Blue Cars

PJ Harvey- Before Departure

Joanna Newsom- Sawdusts and Diamonds

Carole King- You’ve Got A Friend [download]
Sarah Mclachlan- The Rainbow Connection

Emilie-Claire Barlow-La Belle Dame Sans Regrets

Oasis- Live Forever
Hair Original Cast -Flesh Failures (Let The Sunshine In)

as always there's amazon and iTunes.

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