Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Seize The Moment Joe Alleva

So I think I may have found a crusade.
Duke Football is looking for a coach and there were a lot of people upset about the fact that neither Texas A&M or Arkansas interviewed any minority candidates. I see an opportunity for Duke here. WRAL drew up a potential list of candidates and there were some appealing names like

  • Steve Logan, Boston College: Logan clearly understands offensive football and is now the offensive coordinator at Boston College. If he were at Duke, it’d easily be the most lively coach’s show in the Triangle. I could see that, I mean "The" Thaddeus Lewis is so much better than Matt Ryan
  • Norm Chow, Tennessee Titans: Chow had an amazing year as the offensive coordinator at N.C. State in Chuck Amato's first season, then went to Southern Cal and on to the Titans...he has been eager to be a head coach and his offensive ingenuity is unlimited. And that would be so much fun to watch.
But I still think we need to take a chance and think outside the box, just not outside the Triangle. We need Rod Broadway, a man who already calls and thinks of the Triangle as home and I'm sure he'd be interested in coming back to the place where he was an assitant for 14 years. And plus a minority hire would be, though I hate to think of it in this way, a great p.r. move. I'm not alone in my thinking. Barry Jacobs, who calls Duke supporters insane for still thinking that we can compete in football at the 1-A level ( yeah I'm insane but, we're all mad here) makes the point that Joe "Fire Me" Alleva should put his money where his mouth is
"Alleva has had 10 years on the job, and so far has failed to hire a single African-American as a head coach or in a major decision-making position in his department. Duke has certainly enjoyed the benefits of recruiting black athletes, but has yet to hire a black head coach in any sport.

Much was made of a new outlook at Duke in the wake of the lacrosse fiasco. Let’s see if, unlike the athletics directors at North Carolina and N.C. State when they hired Davis and Tom O’Brien, respectively, Alleva seriously considers black candidates. If Duke insists on insanity, at least it can be inclusive about"

and Duke Basketball Report, the site where I first learned of the next great football coach, Rod Broadway, writes in the same vein that

We’d like to see Duke take a bold step and seek out an African-American coach, and unfortunately, that’s hard to do in college football, since there are so few black head coaches. As a matter of fact, we can only think of one logical candidate, and that’s former Duke assistant, and former Central head coach Rod Broadway. He won eight games at Grambling in his first year and averaged nearly 30 ppg. At Central, he finished 33-11 and his teams averaged 345.1 yards per game.
The fact that he knows Duke intimately is also wonderful.
Insisting on a head coach would rule out Norm Chow, who would be an interesting possibility as well.
If it turns out that Duke goes through the process again and finds themselves with an unappealing group of head coaches, there is, as we’ve said before, a pool of talented candidates which is virtually untapped.
We’re talking about African-American assistant coaches. There are a lot of guys who would kill for any head coaching job, and since no one is hiring them, Duke could have its pick.
And do something significant to help the school’s image.

Yeah, let's do it, let's carpe diem that shit. What's the downside? Look at the intensity in that picture, I don't think he'd accept losing. Plus that name just sparkles.

Hire Rod Broadway- he'll lead us on the Great Right Way (I'm still working on slogans, obviously.)

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