Friday, November 16, 2007


Two things that were loooong overdue.

"Matt Damon Named 'Sexiest Man Alive'"

and last but certainly first in my heart:
"[The Unnatural One] indicted on 4 perjury counts, obstruction of justice"
The Onion says it best

Couldn't this have happened, oh a year or two ago?

I really want him to get the maximum 30 years (my hatred for him is well known) And I am firmly against the death penalty, but... perjury and lying under oath cuts to the very heart of our legal system and of civilized society. Our system is based on the fact that people have honor and will not lie under oath and will instead be truthful and so to willfully disregard that sacred trust and lie, well I think "He Who Still Won't Be Named" should be made an example of. And may that example be harsh.
(on the inside I'm laughing even more)

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