Tuesday, November 20, 2007

There Might Be a Slight Difference Here

yesterday when i was, i guess bored and trying to figure out why the bengals are so awful i found myself on the AOL Fanhouse thing and there was an article about Shawne Merriman and the story of two pictures. The first taken in 2005 (left) the second taken this year after he admitted taking steroids accidently
(my question in such a case would be how do you not notice that your neck is twice its normal size? but I think i may be giving a Maryland alum a little too much credit in the fields of intellect and integirty)

But alas, I hate when truth gets in the way of a good story. The picture on the left was actually that of another Chargers' player. Speculation is that "because Merriman held out of minicamp in 2005, the Chargers didn't have him around when they took the official photos, and they just found an old photo of Merriman and pasted it onto Williams' body" (Either way I still strongly dislike the University of Maryland-College Park though not enough to hate; my collegiate athletic hate is reserved for a certain other school.)

Speaking of other doctored photos, and the main reason for this post, was an article from Radar about plastic surgery and what some stars with "very unique" faces would look like if they were to have some work done. While Will Smith didn't change much (still incredibly attractive) and a lot of the other ones did not turn out well (Meryl Streep looks like Faye Dunaway) my absolute favorite and one that I thought would be a wonderful aesthetic improvement (if, of course it wouldn't take away his differentness and he wasn't already an oscar winner) was Adrian Brody.

I think he looks a lot better, but of course what do I know? my tatste are sometimes a little bizarre. and of course beauty is only skin deep, blah blah

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