Saturday, November 17, 2007

Touchdown Jesus Died For Somebody's Sins But Not Mine

I think this may be the most fired up I've ever been for a Duke football game. Quite a few of them were quite alcohol induced events but I just kinda got sad because we're horrible. But this game. Against Notre Dame...
Against a Notre Dame team we can beat...
In South Bend...
On National Television...
Straight Epic. I really am treating it as a bowl game for Duke, because I don't think they'll show the UNC game out here. And it's actually a game where I think all of us Dukies think we can win (i take back my earlier prediction- I didn't realize how god awful ND would be at the beginning of the season.)
There's no way we won't be so fired up today- I mean I could hardly sleep myself, last night (which I attributed to my excitement for the game and not any other reason I want to admit to myself.) I'm so excited I may actually live blog the game, or at least until I can't watch anymore.

But Notre Dame? They're already ear deep in a miserable season and they're not going to be exited or fired up for lil' ol' Duke. But even Lou Holtz, try as he might, can't save their souls

Too bad their current coach is a fat arrogant incompetent asshole...who's really fat. From the L.A. Times
"Rumblings have emanated from faculty too, though many professors do not always feel comfortable speaking out. Privately, some say Weis has never been a favorite, not since he arrived at this stately, Catholic campus three years ago, brazen and arrogant, vowing to produce a "nasty" team.
"His self-described New Jersey personality has rubbed some people the wrong way," said Matt Storin, an adjunct professor of journalism. "They keep quiet when the team is 10-3, but when it's 1-9, they come out of the woodwork."
In this regard, Weis suffers by comparison to his predecessor, Ty Willingham. Willingham was a gentler presence, soft-spoken, often seen bicycling and rollerblading; Weis makes bold statements, then retreats to a fortress-like football complex at the edge of campus."

Kinda like Dick Cheney. I can't even imagine what the new and more legitimate Can Charlie is going to say this afternoon after Duke wins.

But even if we somehow don't I can always take comfort in the fact that, as College Gameballs said, in our minds: "Cars, steaks and cruises… Shit with my degree from Duke I’m going to have all that, as well as bragging rights against all the Notre Dame alumni employed under me after we win Saturday."
Well that, along with the fact that the Fightin' Irish is a horribly racist stereotype and that Rudy was the worst and most overrated movie ever.

::slow clap::

Fight, fight Blue Devils,
Fight for the white and blue!
Break on through --
There's a touchdown there for you!
Go Devils!
Duke is going to win tonight --
Carolina go to Hell! (Eat Shit!)
So turn on the steam, team --
Fight, Blue Devils, fight!

Rip 'em up
Tear 'em up
Give 'em hell, DUKE!

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