Monday, November 26, 2007

Bayou Classic: Battle of the Bands

Writing about wanting Duke to get Rod Broadway as their next coach reminded me. This weekend was the annual Thanksgiving match up between Grambling and Southern University. I've been watching it for years not so much for the games, which usually aren't the highest of calibers, but of course because of the halftime Battle of the Bands. I didn't watch it this year because I think I was watching the Duke-Carolina tragedy and the Arkansas-LSU game but no matter, I've always been a Grambling Girl, I have no idea why, so I would believe they "won" the halftime. I was thinking about it and it must be so difficult to form the halftime score, as the Southern band usually does. In fact just organizing any marching band seems insanely hard.

But with all that being said here is the 2007 Bayou Classic Battle of the Bands-Southern University's "Human Jukebox Marching Band from Jaguar Land " and the Grambling State "University World Famed Tiger Marching Band"

(video from "we saw that")
I just really wish once it would in a showdown like in my favorite part of one of my favorite movies, Drumline

and in case you were wondering, Southern won the actual game.
(grambling-fire rod broadway! duke- hire rod broadway!)

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