Saturday, November 17, 2007

Well, That Sucked.

I mean that really sucked. A lot. I really don't know why I continue to have this hope, especially after 5 years of...Duke Football (that title just sums up so so much it's a perfect adjective.) But Notre Dame was so awful this year and I bought into the hype that we were playing team closely and that we'd actually somehow win it and for all time it would have to be said that Duke beat Notre Dame at Notre Dame Stadium. In football.
But of course that couldn't happen. We're Duke.
And as we were playing so closely in the first half (horrid, ugly football but still close) I had thoughts about what I'd put in this post- something like "The" Thaddeus Lewis is leading us so deep into Irish Territory we should start calling him Richard de Clare. I was going to bring up the fact that the South Bend Tribune gave Ted Roof the coaching edge over Charlie Weis. And i was going to complain about the damn NBC graphic that was definitely not in Duke Blue but was in some strange Bondi Blue, which was distracting and not at all okay. And how the refs were screwing us over so badly that we were getting Nifong'd.
And I really wanted to be able to use this picture (i like to believ that god does hate notre dame.) as well as a line like "the only thing that can wake up the echoes now is a defibriliator." But no matter how much hope and blind faith I had, I knew near the end of the first half when we were in Notre Dame territory and we fumbled that the game was slipping away. Especially when our left tackle actually had the ball resting at his feet and he didn't even notice.
And especially after the second touchdown when we allowed Casey Clausen's brother to look like an All America candidate that we were done. I had no faith in our ability to score 14 points.
What was worse was I knew that our band wouldn't be doing this Video Game tribute at halftime, like Berkeley did, to at least entertain someone

It really was a dreary game with dreary weather and I really thought Ted "Please Fire Me!" Roof was crying. I know that while I wasn't that emotionally wrecked that my itunes started playing PJ Harvey and Cat Power, things I could have done without hearing. The only thing that made me happy is that Carolina lost as well. And that we play them next week and we will win back the Victory Bell.
And so the only thing I can say (after screaming "fuck" and "damn" a few more times and wondering out loud if this win qualifies Notre Dame for a BSC bowl game) is:

(thank god for basketball season)

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