Thursday, November 8, 2007

The WGA Strike: Day 4 of...

Ok since that last post was a little uncreatively angry but since I don't want to let that linger in your thoughts I thought I'd give an example of hilarious and creative anger in the form of The Office writers on the Picket Line

So enjoy The Office tonight, while you still can. But this video was actually really helpful (and hilarious!)- I never actually knew what they were striking over before that video (and a feature on NPR last night,) I was just immediately on the side of the strikers (damn management) and still am. I now kinda will not watch "promotions" online until this is resolved.
Anyway, what I did pay attention to was a few of the headline puns or jokes that were cooked up in the days preceding- I really wish I had grabbed more but this one was so corny and obvious that I love it

yeah...i wanna join a union (strange life goal I know)

[UPDATE: Here is actually a really good video that explains what the fight is over]

United Hollywood

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