Monday, June 18, 2007

We're bigger than US Steel...

That is totally one of my favorite Godfather lines ever, well that and pretty much everything in the first two films said by Vito and Michael. Anyway that wasn't the point of this post (though the fact that Lee has not seen them is a crime against nature) rather I used it to signify the emergence of the transgendered community in popular culture, and in all areas, from sports to politics. I found this website and this entry summed up what seems to be a "chic" aspect of it "Transgender: The New Gay." We do still frighten and confuse some people but there is a cool cachet that builds upon, legitimizies and mainstreams the kind of vibe in the last 60's and 70's with The Factory Scene/ Glam Rock and Bowie.

Around the time I came out to my Mom (which is a long story for another day) and graduation Newsweek published a cover story titled "Rethinking Gender." My mom was naturally curious about what I was telling her at the time so I told her to pick up the magazine at the airport when she was flying home. Of course she forgot to, but its a great article, especially for the unintiated and the fact that the subject was being covered in such a mainstream media source was huge, and hopefully it will contribute to growing tolerance, love, respect, compassion... and all that jazz. Ok good talk; see ya out there

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