Friday, November 16, 2007

Your Stuck in my Head Song of the Day

Yesterday as I was kind of roaming around feeling a little tired and nervous/gloomy, this song came on my iPod and brightened up my mood to the point where I couldn't help but have a silly grin on my face, I felt peppier and I'm sure I put a little more rhythm in my step. It was a very bouncy moment.

The song is by The Rosebuds a band out of The Triangle and this song "Get Up, Get Out" is so much fun and all about going out and being with friends that there's no way it wouldn't be perfect as a welcome to the weekend. It reminds me of like a disco vibe, of a club with the excitement and the energy and a mirrorball spinning and shining.
So here is Your Stuck in My Head Song of The Day- "Get Up, Get Out" by The Rosebuds.
this a slower acoustic version that I'm not sure I like (as much) but since any video of this song was hard to find here it is as a Yahoo exclusive

and here is the song from a performance in Gainesville. The first song is Shake our Tree but if you really can't be bothered by that you can skip ahead to about 4 minutes to hear "Get Up Get Out" in its super fun form

The Rosebuds- Get Up, Get Out (download) buy on iTunes
The Rosebuds - Night of the Furies - Get Up Get Out

I don't think I'm doing anything tonight, I'm way too sore and plus tomorrow is so exciting. Not only is Michigan-Ohio State on (at 9 a.m.!) but the most anticipated game in Duke Football history will be nationally televised and I have to watch that. Duke versus Notre Dame- we're totally going to win.

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