Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Material Lust: Things that are too cool/trendy for me*

*but of course I still want

  • Stuff for the Dream House
    • The Sorapot is such a beautiful new twist on the teapot; it looks so frickin cool and unlike anything else. It actually looks like the future and I want one- I'd even gladly give up any kettle whistling (though I refuse to acknowledge that I can become a "friend" of it on Facebook)
    • "The By Appointment chairs from Moritz Waldemeyer change color to match your outfit... An aura is projected around each chair to match the color of the fabric you’re wearing" Once again, so trippy. Does it do stripes? (cuz neither do I)
  • A Bit of Miscellania
  • Fashion! (or something like it)
    • Now I'm nowhere close to even thinking about getting married (and if I were I would want a much more unique wedding dress) but this is a kind of cool idea for my bridesmaids. "Twobirds is a boutique bridesmaid dress company that designed one dress that can be worn in ten different ways."
    • From Pianegonda a Lovesick Heart Ring
    • "The Panty Pops" by Victoria's Secret "are brightly colored and pattered ladies undies that come packaged like lollipops. Panty Candy is a line of thongs made of equally vibrant fabric packaged as “bon-bons.” They also have a Camy and Panty Cone, a gift set for the holidays that includes a tank top and matching undies wrapped in a big ice-cream box." Seems like a perfect opportunity for getting into a sticky situation...
    • A Pair of Patent Shoe Boots
    • A Taffeta strapless dress by Miu Miu
    • RM's Moon dress
    • From Burberry comes a Military Cape Jacket
    • And finally is "a new members-only site whose clients get exclusive access to 48-hour online private sales." I think it could be amazing (and is getting a lot of in the know buzz) Registration is free and if you do sign up if you tell them that sent you I'd love you all for ever and longer

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