Friday, November 16, 2007

Drink of the Week: The Nancy Drew

I obviously got this from last night's 30 Rock. Anyway the scene is a cocktail party full of conservatives and Jack Donaghy is drawn to seemingly the only woman there CC who orders a whiskey straight up. Jack orders his own drink causing CC to state that she didn't know Jack was a University of Tennessee sorority girl. After mixing the drink, the barkeep (criminally underused word) and Jack have a brief exchange that went something like

Barkeep: And here's your Nancy Drew-
Jack: When a man orders it, it's a Hardy Boy.

so I guess for those of us in-between it can be called " The Nancy Boy"-sometimes things just come together so easily and unexpectedly- or "Hardy Drew" whichever way you go, I suppose.
Anyway here is a recipe for the Nancy Drew/Hardy Boy
(Jack didn't give proportions but I think this would be a decent ratio)

1 part White Rum
2 parts Diet Ginger Ale
a splash of lime

(I guess Nancy Drew is a little more...[hardcore] spunky than Shirley Temple.)

That should work out well, if not, more rum always helps.

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