Thursday, November 29, 2007

And Then I Remembered Why I Hate Them All

Over the past few days I had in my head that if somehow Barack were to get the nomination I would have to vote for the Republican candidate (apparently a boast I made a few months back according to my friends.) And yes I still can't fully explain my animus towards Obama but I think its irrationality makes it even more powerful.
So I was kinda excited about when I heard about the debate because I felt that there would be a lot of republicans yelling at each other. Then I actually watched the Republican Youtube debate last night and besides the fact I was surprised that Duncan Hunter was still running and that Freddie had a few good one liners (second lines were a lot harder) was just soo maddening I actually yelled at the television a few times (I usually keep my head more level and emotions in check when I deal with politics so it was really surprising.) But all of their answers were just meant to show that they were more of "a man" and macho than the other candidates. It was a broadcast pissing match with potentially the next "Leader of The Free World" as a prize. The questions, or at least a good number of them were so infuriating and the Panel of White Men and their trying to fit their responses into the rubric of what was expected "Christian/Small government/Hawkish" made me just nauseous.
These questions kinda summed up everything I hate about Republicans the crowd last night and just the Macho Man mentality. (You can see all of the questions from the debate here)
How Many Guns Do You Own?

Is Waterboarding Torture? (Romney if really just a fucking moron and should really shut his mouth)

And finally a retired Brigadier General, openly gay, asking about the lunacy of Don't Ask Don't Tell (something that reminded me a lot of a Boston Legal episode) Just keep in mind that none of the people on the stage, excepting John Mccain and Duncan Hunter actually stepped up and served in combat)

I really hated that crowd and the notion that he was "a plant" and so.. what? Does that reduce the legitimacy of the question? And our military was segregated for far more than 15 years and that sure as hell wasn't working. And I think Duncan Hunter just said gays shouldn't serve openly because conservatives are dumb an don't want their sensibilities offended. Because I'm sure they'd rather worry about if the guy watching their back from snipers has sex with men thousands of miles away, than whether he is the best qualified man and will help to make sure all of them come back alive.
Oh and of course Huckabee wants the support of the Log Cabin republicans but doesn't wasn't them to be able to get married (and of course they're still going to hell)
And they're against going to mars or the space program, because only Republicans could be against Hope and new frontiers. They're still all lacking "that vision thing"

The only person who made any sense and I could see myself hypothetically voting for was John Mccain. Butit's all so upsetting it makes me angry right now. seriously if our next president is a republican this whole world is fucked

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