Monday, November 19, 2007

Mid-Day Movie Break

so i've been a little panic attacky/ hyperventilating this morning for god knows what reason and i can't really think much less write a coherent sentence and so I need a little bit of time to hopefully chill and something to calm me down and so I though I'd post this, which should give me both. It's Pink Floyd meets Judy Garland in the infamous Dark Side of The Rainbow, Dark Side of Oz or (my favorite) The Wizard of Floyd.
This album really does calm me down a lot and this is entertainingly tripp so it'll be your Midday movie.
(And if you've never heard of this synched up phenomenon here's a brief overview)

Turn me on Dead Man (has a list of the synchronized events that will probably turn you on, unless you're dead)

i just need some time to breathe...

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