Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The WGA Strike: Day 17 of...

Remember how I asked on Monday what the deal was with the writers for news? Well I got my answer yesterday when CBS news staffers authorized a strike (I like to think I inspired them because I'm oh so influential.) According to Rasmussen Reports 59% of those polled don't think the strike is affecting them. We'll see how they hold up over the next few weeks when they're bored and inside because of the cold and have nothing to watch. And in fact you can kinda guesttimate from this handy guide on the L.A. Times (or this more comprehensive one) when that dark cold day comes .
Either way it could be costing "the region" 21.3 million dollars a day and more importantly I know it's already affected me, I mean if there was no writer's strike then 30 Rock wouldn't have had to put on a live stage show and I wouldn't be upset because I couldn't see it and missed out on the amazing. Humph. unfair.

But this is a battle of heart and mind and in this clip the writers for the Simpsons take on someone who probably has no heart (and an evil mind) Rupert Murdoch and his lake of blood

(hopefully) Future President Edwards joins the fight and marches on the line with the strikers in Burbank

(god I really love that man)
The Studios and the AMPTP strike back with Roger A. Trevanti (Fred Armisen)

but the Writers respond once again (they are a creative bunch,)

y'know I love love love my Imaginary Gold Plated Baby Panda Bear- aren't they just tops?

But of course in all seriousness there are are a lot of people who're out of work right now, that may not have the best of holidays, Get Back in That Room has a list of about 454 people as of last week who are out of work(that I was going to post here but filled about 13 word pages) so knock on wood for things going well on Monday.

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