Thursday, November 8, 2007


(the title comes from a saying that I may have started amongst my friends. it was based on The Hulk and how I assume when he went Hulkish he wanted to smash the world -I don't know I never read the comics/watched the show or saw the movie. But anyone my take on it was inspired by Shelden Williams who was an absolute beast and probably the strongest person ever, but he would never get angry until one game he had to be restrained after a hard foul and it was terrfiying and as I thought "Shelden.Smash. World. because I thought he could. Anyway long story short it's an expression of great rage/anger)

So. So. Does anyone know what the hell happened to Move Digital? the site where I stored all my mp3s for this site? the site that was working quite well when I uploaded my Antichrist playlist yesterday? When I tried to upload Live Forever last night for Stuck in My Head it was nonresponsive but I thought it was a temporary thing but I then try to access it today and poof a default page is parked there saying it's under construction. It's all really fucking annoying not so much because I had to pay but rather that all the files I had there for you, my beloved reader, or no longer as easily accessible.
But I'd never leave you in the lurch like that so rather than trying to find another server immediately if you want any of the mp3s that I've posted here on this site just send me an e-mail and I'll help you out.
It's all enough to make me wanna holler (an mp3 I would have posted there if not for the flying of some fly by night operation)

And yes I am comparing the rather annoying loss of my mp3 server space to the bleak plight in inner city ghettos.
[UPDATE 11/11: SO like i kinda thought/hoped on the site today was a message from Move Digital: "We are upgrading our service to serve you better. We expect to be back in 14 days or less." ok i accept that. all i wanted was an explanation.]

while we're on the subject of websites that are fucking up, and this may be just on my computer but does anyone know what happened to the L.A. Times? For the past day and a half when I've gone to the main site I've been greeted with a mess that looks like this

seriously wtfihweitwrn*?

*what the fuck is happening with everything in the world right now

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