Thursday, November 8, 2007

Join Rudy! Attack Hillary!

It was brought to my attention* that the Join Rudy campaign staff has released a new video and this is easily the most advanced one yet. In it we are warned of the dangers of giving illegal immigrants licenses. I wonder how much a 2 minute ad goes for. Anyway I feel that Pat Robertson approves this message.

I must say I always love the slippery slope argument, but in this case I'm not sure it's a bad thing- eating tacos and margaritas sounds like fun time in paradise. I do have to disagree though- Elizabeth Kucinich** isn't an alien she's an elven (elvish?) queen like Cate Blanchett from LOTR or like some fantasy woodland creature frolicking in the meadows, a child of nature. Ahh.....Yeah, she's really pretty (and an amazing person;wow.)

*through an e-mail; see people how easy it is. I mean this arrangement helps us both out- you send me stuff that's cool and I don't have to think as hard.
**who kind of reminds me of Hubby

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