Monday, November 5, 2007

About the Last, oh Week or so.

Sorry about that. Anyway my computer, as old and loved as she is kinda broke down a little bit and I had to get a new part that did something with my power supply, I'm not sure exactly but with still trying to move in and having to fly back and forth between L.A. and San Francisco (not to mention I had to specially order it form the Apple Store online) my "hiatus" went on for a little longer than I had planned. But to be completely honest and open I actually finally got the piece last Tuesday night. After a night of letting my computer charge and all that good stuff I was thinking about posting last Wednesday but, in certain regards I'm a little neurotic and I didn't want to start posting again on a day that was the ending of the month and also in the middle of the week. So I decided to wait until the first monday to get this wagon back on its wheels.
What did I do during the time I wasn't tied to this laptop and trying to find content? I'm glad you asked

  • Last Thursday and Friday I read Hubby's letters and responding to them, maybe a little too verbosely. I wrote 3 seperate letters one of which was about 11 pages hand written. We "discussed" objectivism and existentialism and I also discovered that my apartment is less well decorated than is her hut in Burkina Faso.
  • In another example of maybe I really did need this site as a place to ramble, 3 of my guy friends and I started on a Gmail "conversation" that is at more than 200 messages within the past like 13 days. The topics ranged from sports, to sports, to superiority of cities to me writing a response (which I didn't plan on being so angry as it turned out) to my conservative friend who has started using the term "islamofascism" in which I basically told him to put up or shut up and join the military. Then I kinda freaked out and wrote one of my girlfriends if that was too harsh, because I was worried that I'd no longer be his friend (my compulsion to have everyone like me is kind of all the time.)
  • Didn't dress up for Halloween for only the second time in the last six years
  • Discovered that my metabolism is pretty insane and that I can lose about 6 pounds in a week just by not eating after 7.
  • Decided that I should go to New York for new years and see friends (all of whom seem to live there.) This travel plan made me realize I need to buy some boots.
  • On Facebook found out there's someone else with my name, a Jacqueline Dey from Australia. I guess she was "the first one" though; she's 3 years older than I.
  • Disengaged from celebrity gossip for the first time in quite awhile. And it felt glorious.
  • Realized I really don't like the cold (something I seem to always forget during the spring and summer months when I think the cold will never come.)
  • Announced that if John Edwards didn't win the presidency that I would renounce my United States citizenship (because I did not want to be associated with people who don't understand that John Edwards is not only the best candidate but also the Hope for our time.
  • Worried at all the press that Barack has been getting in the last week as Hillary seemed to be faltering and started dreading the possibility of Barack making up ground.
  • Almost vomited while reading this article by Andrew Sulivan about "The Great [Half] White Hope" Barack
  • I actually lost sleep writing in my head an article that pretty much said " even if you vote for Barack that doesn't mean you're not racist and in fact you're going so far overboard trying to prove you're not racist that you actually are. If you looked past skin color you'd see John Edwards stands for everything that Barack stole from him, and more. but without the kenyan father."
  • Conspired with my conservative friend to make up campaign signs that say simply "VOTE barack HUSSEIN obama" and plant them throughout the South, and especially in South Carolina. I'm sure that may change a few minds of the good ol' red blooded military families down there. (lee atwater may have been evil, but he won."
  • Marveled at the ownage in John Edwards' "Politics of Parsing" video and answered Time magazine's question in the affirmative.
  • Also while reading Time found out that I'm a bad cat mother.
  • Watched Network like 4 times and decided it was the most prescient and one of the best movies ever and got sorta angry that Rocky won best picture.
  • Finally understood that there are real people out there when I got an email from Jake Lipman about a post I did about her marriage announcement to Philip Rothman. She seems really cool and luckily she wasn't offended. ( I did not realize she starred as the Little Prince. umm..awesome!)
  • Passed out too many nights at like 9:30. Thought that while I had amazing dreams, I should probably get out more.
i'm sure i did something else...who knows? whatevs.

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