Thursday, November 8, 2007

TMI: A Fantasy in Brief

(well a different one than in the future money will be replaced by hugs.)

Anyway I really don't have anything on my mind that I want to get off of my chest (what?); it's been a fairly tame time emotionally and any thing I may have worried about I think I hashed out in my almost 20 pages of letters to Hubby last week and various emails to my girls. So for tonight I thought I'd have the shortest TMI by revealing one of my biggest fantasies- I was going to list all of them but some would have been really embarrassing and I'm way too sober to do that.

So I formed this one while I was in Rome and it is so specific that it'll probably never happen (though everytime I'll go to Rome I'll still by on the hunt*) but it's to hook up with an Italian named Enzo in a SmartCar that's parked by the Arch of Constantine and the Colosseum while it's raining and hopefully thundering-roman thunder sounds like the sky is being ripped in two. It's pretty cinematic, but that's how I roll. It never came anywhere close to happening while I was there (another tranny named Laura in the bathroom of a gay club probably doesn't count.)

I know "hook up" is a vary vague and imprecise term and I probably just mean it to mean make out and all that jazz. As I wrote to Suj while explaining that I wouldn't actually become a stripper was I think I'm like the least sexual person ever. I'm really not sure I give off that vibe or that I'd want to right now; the hormones have zapped a lot of my libido and sex is so complicated and a hassle. Of course I'm saying all this while dead sober and when I get a capiriniha or two in me I maybe get a little too loving. Anytime though I'm a bit of a make out whore.

This may have been a little short but, we're out of string cheese so I'm outta here (and yes 30 Rock just ended. I love that show)
*so if you're italian, named Enzo and have or want to rent a SmartCar in Rome sometime...

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