Monday, November 5, 2007

Monday Morning Cuteness

whoa- haven't done this for awhile. Anyway here is a video that I expect to be the reaction of everyone once it shows in your feed reader or whatever (I still have no idea how anything works) that I've finally updated

(oh I probably should have told you to turn down your volume a touch, or up if your prefer the sound of screeching-whatever blows your hair back and all.)
Ah I love how the little sister kinda shadows her brother's fist pumps of triumph.
But seriously though it feels...fitting to be back and doing this again, as if I was a lion raised as a cub in an apartment, then set free only to be reunited with my human parents. Though maybe I'm the parent in that equation- meh; not sure really.
Either way Happy Monday- 4 and a half days till the weekend.

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