Friday, November 9, 2007

The WGA Strike: Day 5 of...

So last night I think I read somewhere that Antonio, "El Acalde" said that the strike was hurting everyone because where he was, the San Fernando valley, is the center of the entertainment industry. And I thought "no; it's the center of the porn industry."
Which got me thinking: are the porn writers on strike as well? Does porn have writers? Are there unions in the porn industry? Is there a porn actor's guild?
I know that new talent and people are like a lifeblood and that they can easily find someone to replace whoever goes on strike, but I feel that if they're not unionized they should be. There should be unions in the porn industry. Like it could make sure everything is safe and healthy and also help negotiate contracts and maybe create some sort of pension program for performers once they meet their sell by date of like 25. And maybe the PAG could work with SAG to aid in the transition to the straight world for those who want it. Because unions make everything better, and all. Imagine Norma Rae topless. Ok maybe not.

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