Monday, November 5, 2007

So The Chaos in Pakistan...

is drawing the world closer to, y'know the apocalypse (though I was thinking about it and if Pakistan's nuclear weapons fall into the hands of Islamic militants then maybe they will attack India first, or preferably the Indians will take advantage and use their arsenal, just diverting the attention of terrorists with nukes from us) and the WGA is on strike ( I think everyone knows how I support Unions) but all I could really focus on is that thing above Jonathan Rhys Meyers (p.s. is he actually straight?!) that horrible and bizarre mustache he's sporting on the cover of Details, though his eyes are so incredibly intense and hypnotic, I can't look away.

but besides though eyes and that "thing" I think the cover kind of illustrates the problem with society. On one hand you have the article about Profiles in Courage "Meet the Men who are dying for our country" and on the other there is an article tease with an even larger font about "are your parents squandering your inheritance?" Such a contrast between selflessness and an unwarranted sense of entitlement.
The Two Americas- fuck yeah.

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