Monday, October 15, 2007

SEIU=No Longer Dead To Me

Good news for John Edwards and thus for America, the World and the Future as well, today (Future President) John Edwards won endorsements from the Service Employees International Union in 10 states on Monday, "including California and the early voting state of Iowa."

Finally they see the light, which at one point I was worried they wouldn't and recognized John's (and my) true and loyal support for unions and the working men and women of America*:
"I have proudly stood with them on the front lines of the fight for working Americans for years, and I am honored to earn their support today," Edwards said in a statement about the endorsement from Iowa workers.

SEIU state councils in nine other states including California, Michigan and Washington were set to announce their support for Edwards later on Monday, a Democratic source said.

Edwards, a former North Carolina senator who led the Iowa field in May, could benefit from the potential grass-roots muscle of almost 1 million SEIU workers in the 10 states.

I will really enjoy the union representatives carrying whips and marching the workers to the polls to vote en masse for John. I mean that's how unions and union endorsements work, right? Yup the bandwagon is getting more crowded: First Iowa, then the World.
Thank god for unions (except those SEIU chapters in Illinois and Indiana)

John Edwards is totally the Norma Rae of this campaign.

* and rewarded a man that they can trust both as a candidate and as a president, someone who is not overlooking the primary process and is sincere...which is more than I can say about Hillary.

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