Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Overheard in L.M.E.-"Yellow Ledbetter"

a conversation from the early days of October. And I titled it this, not because it has anything to do with the song or Pearl Jam, though I was listening to it, but rather just like the song I'm confused by it and have no idea how this conversation twisted and turned, but you can see for yourself...

ev livid e : my arms were so dead after boxing
ev livid e : i couldn't even sign the form saying i had completed the session
ev livid e : i will have no motor skills tomorrow
a dam e : eh, arms are overrated
ev livid e : maybe i should just skip work
a dam e : witness the t.rex
ev livid e : and say my arms are tired
ev livid e : ahaha
ev livid e : im a freakin t rex
a dam e : that's the spirit
ev livid e : my teacher said i was slightly reminiscent of a young evander holyfield
ev livid e : or at least i think she said that
a dam e : haha
ev livid e : or at least i may have wished she said taht
a dam e : at least she didn't say you're reminiscent of him now
ev livid e : earlobeless
a dam e : old, with signs of dementia and [like] 10 illegitimate kids
ev livid e : oooh really?
ev livid e : oh dear
ev livid e : fame got that one
a dam e : teah it's sad
ev livid e : it seems like just yesterday mike tyson got a bit too hungry and took a little nip
a dam e : that was like 10 years ago
a dam e : think about that!
ev livid e : ohhhh where has time gone
ev livid e : 10 years ago
a dam e : down the drain
ev livid e : where were we
ev livid e : ahaha
ev livid e : in the SEWER!
a dam e : welcome to the new america
ev livid e : if time is water though, then water is recycled, so time is recycled
ev livid e : so really, we are in the past
a dam e : chilling with the alligators in the sewers of the world
ev livid e : and the past is in the future
a dam e : all in a puddle of time
ev livid e : (don't ruin my speech!)
a dam e : but then what is rain?
ev livid e : (didn't i have something similar to this once?)
a dam e : yup
ev livid e : what was it about though
ev livid e : yesterday and today?
a dam e : being alive or dead
ev livid e : oh yes, i slightly remember it

a dam e : ev livid e : i think its true though, if you refuse to acknowledge the passing of time, then you ignore the process of getting old, and when you die, you aren't really dead, because you're actually alive.
ev livid e: because probably, the people who are alive are dead too
ev livid e : thus...we're all dead?

ev livid e : mabes pos
ev livid e : god i am so deep
a dam e : like atlantis
ev livid e : like lava
ev livid e : inside the earth
a dam e : like the abyss
ev livid e : not outside
ev livid e : like the chokey
a dam e : what's a chokey?
a dam e : is that like a pokey?
ev livid e : where the trunchbull threw in bad litttle kids
a dam e : who's the trunchbull?
ev livid e : did you never read matilda?!
a dam e : nope
ev livid e : im sorry to hear that
a dam e : i was never a little girl
ev livid e : you don't have to be a little girl to enjoy it
ev livid e : you can be a rock. a plant. a cloud
a dam e : i read madeleine
ev livid e : because everyone loves matilda lalala
ev livid e : you would
a dam e : or at least enjoyed the pictures
a dam e : hah
ev livid e : i read madeline too, but some of us grew up
ev livid e : and learned how to actually read
ev livid e : not just recognize yellow hats
ev livid e : and nuns
a dam e : read is the same word as read
ev livid e : no wonder you got a nun fetish in rome
ev livid e : or nun bun
a dam e : well it was hard not to
a dam e : ah nun buns
a dam e : crack cakes
ev livid e : hot pot
a dam e : slut rut
ev livid e : fit clit
ev livid e : i win
a dam e : i mean i could have come back from that
a dam e : but i'll let you have your victory
ev livid e : god, the things i say when i talk to you. you bring out the worst in me
ev livid e : fine come back
a dam e : or the best
a dam e nah i don't want to sound dirty
ev livid e : phrases like f.c. are not the best that humans can say
ev livid e : oh geez thanks
a dam e : cock rock
ev livid e : rubber blubber
a dam e : bare stare
ev livid e : pube tube
a dam e : penis genus
ev livid e : oh god please do not ever post this conversation
a dam e : i won't {Ed. Note: Whoops}
ev livid e : lets stop
a dam e : we'd have to step our game up
ev livid e : i don't like how we have conversations like this late at night
a dam e: runt c***
ev livid e : it feels very wrong
ev livid e : i feel like im gonna go to hell
ev livid e : stop it!
a dam e : eh, it's pillow talk
ev livid e : bunnies and chocolate!
a dam e : we'll hang out there
ev livid e : strangers and strawberries!
a dam e : no strangers and candy!
ev livid e : robbers and pilates
a dam e : spinning murderers
ev livid e : you are missing a conjunction
ev livid e : (is and a conjunction)
a dam e : spinning like murderers
ev livid e : (something alive) AND (something edible)
ev livid e : mitochondria and cheese
a dam e : bear and bunny
ev livid e : well if we're playing it simple, that would be right
a dam e : ugh
ev livid e : cat and sugar
a dam e : i forgot all bio
a dam e : platypus and platypus
a dam e : (they taste like hairy fish)
ev livid e : you've had it? i don't believe you
a dam e : you shouldn't
ev livid e : i won't
a dam e : i think the only place they'd serve platypus is like a poahers cabing in australia
a dam e : where sadly i've never been
ev livid e : what the hell is poahers cabing
ev livid e : is this make-up-words time?
a dam e : poschers cabin
a dam e : poachers cabin
ev livid e : ah gatcha
a dam e : sorry my hand is itchy
ev livid e : what does that have to do with mishaps in spelling?
ev livid e : this is LME
ev livid e : we are proper, punctual, and we punctuate and spell
a dam e : you forgot a period.
ev livid e : i was not finished.
a dam e : haha
ev livid e : it seems like some of us have not practiced patience;
ev livid e : patience is a true virtue and tenement of LME is it not?
a dam e : (tenent; tenement is slum housing from around the turn of the century)
a dam e : um no
a dam e : we want the world and we want it now
a dam e : to quote the doors
ev livid e : i warned you, my motor skills are not as fine-tuned because i was kicking butt
ev livid e : or punching hands
a dam e : and my fingers are itchy
ev livid e : did you stick your hand in a jar of mosquito babies?
a dam e : i pet my dog or cat probably
ev livid e : ugh. animal cells.
ev livid e : disgusting
a dam e : seriously
a dam e : ok i should start preparing to begin getting ready for bed
ev livid e : what? its like what time over there
ev livid e : you can't fool me
a dam e : it's about 9
ev livid e: lame.
a dam e : i didn't mean going to sleep
a dam e : just preparing my night ritual
ev livid e : reading and singing yourself to sleep?
a dam e : kinda sorta
a dam e : ow we'll talk soon
ev livid e : pace
ev livid e : LME
a dam e : LME

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