Friday, November 9, 2007

...I'll Watch Anything That Denzel's In

So I originally had next to no interest in seeing the new Denzel Washington movie " The Great Debaters", it kinda reminded me of a trend that started, I don't know after Remember the Titans where every film was like " let's find a true story of black kids in the past overcoming odds and racism to come together and achieve in sport), or maybe I was just thinking about that Terence Howard swimming movie.

Either way I really had no interest in a movie about debating (unless it was called Master Debaters-huzzah!) but then I saw this trailer and got so fired up.

I mean I've come to realize how much of a sap I am for oratory and rhetoric and inspirational films riddled with cliches, I've also come to accept that. But Denzel and Forrest in a movie together, that's something in itself. Though I'll see anything that Denzel is in (and he directed it as well, which is a plus. Antwone Fisher was amazing.) Seriously though, why doesn't Denzel run for president? I'd vote for him and I feel his years or leadership roles make him incredibly well qualified (and everyone loves him.)
I just wish it didn't have that Bryan Adams/R. Kelly song at the end. That was horrble. I'll blame Oprah for that lapse.

(and speaking of movies, No Country For Old Men opens today in select cities. I'm a little concerned and I failed to think of this before I moved up here, but I always knew that L.A. was a "select city," I mean in December when I was home for Winter Break there'd always be a ton of movies opening in just NY and LA for Oscar consideration. is San Francisco a cultural backwater?) [UPDATE: Nevermind it's playing here. It's amazing what you can find when you just look.]

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