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Kid Nation- Taylor's So Gonna Get Fragged

in case you didn't know:Frag is a term from the Vietnam War, used primarily by U.S. military personnel, most commonly meaning to assassinate an unpopular officer of one's own fighting unit, often by means of a fragmentation grenade (hence the term). A hand grenade was often used because it would not leave any fingerprints, and because a ballistics test could not be done (as it could to match a bullet with a firearm). A fragging victim could also be killed by intentional friendly fire during combat. In either case, the death would be blamed on the enemy, and, due to the dead man's unpopularity, it was assumed no one would contradict the story.
Fragging most often involved the murder of a commanding officer (C.O.) or a senior noncommissioned officer perceived as unpopular, harsh, or inept. If a C.O. was incompetent, fragging the officer was considered a means to the end of self preservation for the men serving under him.

I think it's a sign of addiction when I speed through a dinner at a nice restaurant in order to get home so I won't miss too much of a show. Well, let it be said I'm addicted to Kid Nation. I got home about 15 minutes into the hour and all the kids seemed to be having an interfaith religious service and it was so remarkable, Pharoah (wow, outstanding name) started crying when Zach started a Hebrew prayer and Pharoah was so overcome he said something like " even if you're Christian or non christian or jewish we're all worshipping the same god." As the bible says "from the mouth of babes" and these kids would totally have solved a lot of the problems in the middle east. Such a simple solution too; take all of their kids and put them in a deserted town and order them to figure it out and create a society.
Then Anjay was worshipping at a little altar he made when some of the other kids came to him, and it was so cute Kelsey was like "Anjay what's Hinduism" and he explained enough and before they cut away Kelsey was cleansing herself with fire ( I really should now that term- I studied Hinduism pretty intensively less than a year ago)
Then they do the challenge thing and Green sucks again and become the workers again and no one is happy because Taylor and the Yellows are the cooks again, which mean if there is food it will probably be inedible but more likely than not Green will have to step up and cook as well. But the challenge decision was between a mini golf course and "holy books" and I was shocked shocked shocked that the kids picked the "holy books." (though over the end credits the kids were playing golf, so I don't know)
Zach at one point to the camera said something along the lines of " if we don't make the right choices this town won't survive like in the 1880s" though I was certain he was going to say "this town won't survive like Sodom and Gommorah." These kids are so much more mature than I am. They then went and started studying them and comparing the Torah to the Pentateuch (one of the kids actually knew that word; bizarre)
So as Yellow was supposed to be cooking there was only Zack and someone else in the kitchen and the dishes were filthy which lead Zach to round up volunteers from all Colors to help him, which a lot did after trying to weasel out of it no one wants to look that selfish and uncaring on t.v.. No one that is except for Taylor, and is it wrong to say a 9 year old girl is the best villian on T.V? Laurel and Morgan went to confront Taylor because she wasn't working, so they went to the saloon and found her taking "shots" and called her out and an embarrassment and said she needed to do something because, as Laurel said "she's pissing everyone off" (and here's my prudish maternal mind; I was shocked she said pissed- I didn't remember me saying something at that age until I realized I cursed like a sailor and that Laurel is from Massacusetts) to which she replied along the lines of "fine let us be embarrassments." Then at the Town meeting everyone was still beating up on her and Taylor didn't care which shocked the host into saying "Taylor either you have the thickest skin or you're not listening" and then she got into an argument where she was yelling about if they thought she'd been tough they hadn't seen anything yet. It was chaos and I really thought she would be lynched or at least impeached, on the spot. I am a horrible person, the person I love to hate the most is a 9 year old.

But my absolute favorite story on this episode was this kid I had never seen on the show Cody and he was crying over a letter that his girlfriend wrote him before he left. He then, and this makes me laugh just to remember it, walked to the saloon because he "just needed a root beer so [he] could forget about her" and he was so distraught that his friend Campbell took him to look at cows, to get his mind off of it. The kid is 9! What the hell do you do with your girlfriend when you're 9? I tried to remember me back then and all I remember is holding hands, a kiss on the cheek and people punching kids they liked in the arms (memories) And then at Town Meeting he said he wanted to go home and this was so sad he was crying so heavily and said he missed his family but he was sad to leave Bonanza City because he'd never see his friends there again and as he was leaving Campbell started bawling and Morgan had to comfort him and he was so sad when he said "he was my best friend." It broke my heart. And then he went to the saloon and took shots in sorrow.
I don't think there's any show that's more emotional or touching than Kid Nation, I mean kids rarely lie especially about their emotions and you have to be a monster to see a kid crying with homesickness and not worry about them and want to hug them and take care of them. I mean now when T.V. adults cry it'll just seem fake. These kids are real, yo.

but seriously is this how these kids view "grown ups" and the way they deal with their problems, by drinking and taking shots? and do they see us taking shots to celebrate as well? because i'm not sure if that's a good thing and these kids when they actually get closer to alcohol this behavior won't be the healthiest. It seems like a poor idea to put shot glasses there now, but it is bloody hilarious.

Morgan won the gold star- she actually seems like she will grow up to be a nurturing and good person.
Next week are elections, instead of mutiny which I was certain would happen if they kept the same Town Council the whole time (as they should) but there's no way Taylor wins- she may not want to even run, I say Zach does. From Blue, I don't know- the only ones I know from that side are Alex and Mallory who are both so adorable. In red Mike did a good enough job (though he holds grudges- he still refuses to believe Greg is working for the good of the town and not just for the gold star. What does Greg have to do?) though DK could run against him. And Green is so hard because Laurel is the best Council Member but Sofia and Morgan are green as well, as well as Michael; though I don't think they'll run though they'd all be amazing.

(and I don't actually know all of their names- I've been checking the Kid Nation bio site)

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