Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Post Where I Try to Predict the Baseball Playoffs

and am proven embarrassingly wrong in a matter of weeks.

So apparently the MLB playoffs started today at noon o'clock pacific time. Who knew? I might have known that information but every time one of those playoff commercials come on I have to immediately turn it off or, barring that I have to close my eyes, stick my fingers in my ears and hum Tommorrow (from Annie) because I'm...not that fond of Dane Cook or that weird kind of frattish slightly stoner whine in his voice. But that DHL commercial with Kenny Lofton is fantastic!
Anyway enough of that. Before the games get any later in the day, currently Colorado is leading 3-1 after a homer by Rowand, I thought I'd try my hand at predicting who will get the chance to fail at defending their title next season (Dodgers win in '08 of course)

Colorado v. Philadelphia: Phillies wins in 5. Two hot teams colliding should give off sparks. But the phillies have the hope of a generation behind them and so they win.
(I was actually quite happy that colorado got the wild card over the Padres because I didn't want to see any California division rivals happy. Arizona and Colorado I've never concerned myself much about- they still seem like "fake" teams that aren't really in the NL West-and yeah I know that doesn't make any sense)
Arizona v.Chicago: Cubs in 4. The first round is way too early in the playoffs for the Cubs to lose.

Anaheim (I'll be long in my grave before I call them Los Angeles anything) Angels v. Boston: Red Sox in 4. The three teams I wish nothing but sadness and 14 innings in the rain for are the Giants, Yankees and Angels. And yes I am jealous that they've been so successful and a little angry that one of my favorite Dodgers growing up had to become their manager.

Cleveland v. Yankees- Indians win in 3. A-Rod tries to carry the team but he can't do it alone. Especially when Jeter and all other clutch heroes of Yankee triumphs past, go 0 for the Series

NLCS: Phillies v. Cubs- Phillies win in 7 . Zambrano has a breakdown in one of the games and somehow the curse of the Cubs makes itself felt- I don't know, the Cubs are up 3 game to 2 when a meteor ruins a part of Wrigley Field so they have to move the deciding games to Philadelphia. (I can't stand to see the Cubs win because they are, along with the Cardinals, the only NL teams that have the same kind of history as the Dodgers)

ALCS: Cleveland v Boston- Cleveland in 6. The Pats have taken away any goodwill I formerly felt towards the fans of Boston. They are now longer "long suffering" so now when they whine it's just annoying. Indians fans however have had very little joy in the 53 years since they last won, besides those heartbreaking teams in the 90s, Albert Belle, and the Major League movies. I say Grady Sizemore does something significant in this series.

World Series: Cleveland v. Philadelphia- I don't know who I want to win here. I think it would be cool if the Phillies lost their 10,000th game in the same season they had an amazing comeback to win the division, that whole team of destiny thing. But Cleveland fans would be happy too. I guess in the end karma bites Cleveland for having a racist mascot and the Phillies win, which hopefully will make their fans less anxious and mean. Chase Utley =World Series MVP.

yeah now of that is happening. I've probably cursed the Phillies to lose in the first round now. Oh well.

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