Monday, October 8, 2007

Let's Get This Out of the Way

I guess this is a decent enough time to break my self imposed ban on Britney Spears. And now that I guess TRL has premiered the video its been set loose on the internets.
When I first heard that this video was actually being released I wrote to my friend that in order to avoid disappointment she should "set your expectations low. so low that even if it is her putting the song in a cd player, pushing play and is obviously lipsynching off rhythm while sitting on a stool with her hair in curlers and wearing a bathrobe with a Marlbor Red dangling from her lips you won't be disappointed" And so now that you know my expectations and without further whatevs here's Britney, bitch and Gimme More (please don't)

Yeah this video should convince a judge that she's a responsible parent, (well that and applying to be a bartender. wait, what?!.I remember when she danced, instead of the camera bouncing to give the illusion of movement beyond spinning and tossing hair (and we're beyond the chris crocker parodies aren't we? so hopefully there won't be apologists for this. speaking of which i think i am now having a chris crocker ban on this site until, as is customary, he does something extraordinary, like have srs)
Sigh I miss old Britney, but I'm glad to see she's preparing for her new career on the stripper's pole.ugh
But in other news its Zahara, bitch, with a one finger salute to the press

I like it; the kid's got attitude

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