Friday, October 12, 2007

Be Careful What You Wish For

so all of last season and the past year overall I've been wanting and waiting for Jim and Pam (from the Office if you're clueless) to get together and at the end of last season that smile on Pam's face after Jim asked her out was one of those things that's so beautiful it is still one of the best and one of my favorite moments in t.v. in a while.
But now 3 episodes into this season I don't think I like PB and J (Pam Beasley and Jim.) Last night kind of crystallized that fact. They've become way too cutesy and cliquish and what really made me not like them as much as I did (though I can't stay mad) but was when they decided to pull the computer prank on Dwight. I mean it was hilarious but as Pam first said before she agreed to it, Dwight was going through a break up and selling was his way to do it, to take his mind off of it. But Jim thought he was being annoying (which he was of course, but he's Dwight, that's what he did) Dwight was the only one in the office actually working and working quite efficiently and well while Jim was conspiring; I bet Jim didn't sell 940 reams (or whatever they sell). And then at the launch party I can see why Jim wanted to go to the roof but it just seemed cliquish and annoying (though I have a few issues with hook ups in groups of friends because it changes the dynamic and the couple tend to remove themselves, which sucks) though I can see how it might be romantic.

But what was really romantic was when Andy put his friends on speaker phone and did "Take a Chance on Me" a cappela to try to convince Angela to do just hat. Oh my god I almost died (yes! there's video up for at least awhile)

and if someone did something that original and cute for me I would have blushed and then immediately been theirs for awhile. It's soo cute! I can't help but smile. I decided though that I really enjoy the Angela/Dwight heartbreak stroyline and how they channel their emotions into work- it is so perfect and so true to their character. But Andy was really cute last night.
And I know it would ruin the show but Pam and Jim should break up.
P.S. Ryan is an ass.

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