Sunday, October 7, 2007

That Didn't Go As Planned

Yesterday was a pretty bad sports day I'd say. Not only did the Diamondbacks beat the Cubs (which I was ok with because I had them losing in the next round and plus a century without a world series win is a lot more poetic than 99 years) but my world champion pick Phillies were swept by the Christian Rockies (though you may remember I acknowledged the fact i cursed the Phillies and so they'd probably lose in the first round, if that counts) and moving on to college football not only did U.S.C. lose! to Stanford! but Notre Dame won (though they beat UCLA so that made it a little better.) Not to mention the worst part of the day, Duke losing to Wake by 5 and UNC (cheating, no doubt) somehow beating Miami. It was disgusting and horrible
And here I was planning on starting a series on Silver Foxes (or Old Guys I'd F**k) starting with Pete Carroll and inspired by this article, by Brian Curtis, in Esquire referring to him as a visionary. But after whatever the f*ck happened last night I may have to scrape that whole idea. I blame John David Booty more so I'm not as sour on Pete as this kid is on Urban Meyer- demanding he be fired less than a year after winning a national title and less than a minute after calling him a genius warning extreme testosterone and yelling

and this was before they lost last night as well. That kid is probably experiencing an anger hang over right now. I think i'm over it all- i'm used to disappointment and also my banana nut bread turned out well so i'm happy.

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